As you may already know, Bent Brewstillery is a brewery and distillery in Roseville, Minn., and the first single-entity brewery distillery to operate in Minnesota. With being the first comes many challenges, including changing irrelevant laws and working with a powerful liquor lobby that fights to keep the craft industry under their control.

This liquor control group fails to realize that changing laws has led to great expansion of their industry. The cocktail rooms fuel the demand for the products in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Customers try it at the cocktail room, and then seek it out at their favorite retailer. We noticed this phenomenon first-hand with our beer. Once our taproom opened, demand for our beer grew exponentially. It’s really a harmonious relationship set on getting customers the beer and spirits they want.

All Minnesota distilleries are allowed to have a cocktail room to serve their hand-made spirit products.

Why not Bent Brewstillery too?

  • The combination of Winery/Brewery as well as Winery/Distillery are both allowed. Why is that so different from Brewery/Distillery
  • There is the concern of changing state law for one company. We’re not so much trying to change a law as we are trying to correct an unjust law written against us 5 years ago. Yes, this is not a prohibition law. It was enacted 5 years ago under pressure from the Liquor Lobby.
  • There is the fear that this will open the door to large national companies. MN State Statute already protects against Big Corporations from doing the same thing. Only a Micro Distillery is allowed a Cocktail Room License.
  • If Big Corporations wanted to open a Taproom/Cocktail Room, they would have already done it in the states where this combination is allowed. Big Corporations would not wait for MN to allow it before entering this market. This fear is unfounded.
  • There is the fear that the manufacturer will have an unfair advantage over the existing retailers. We propose to keep an even playing field with our partner retailers by making the licensing fees equal to the municipality fees for other liquor licenses.

Contact your state representatives. The easiest way is to click on the email link and write them an email. Write from the heart, in your own words or use the script provided. Tell your representative you would like to enjoy a locally-crafted cocktail, made from locally-crafted spirits at your locally-crafted Brewstillery source — just like the micro-breweries, wineries, and micro-distilleries offer.


Email for any questions.

Email us (at the addy above) with a screen shot of your sent email or any proof that you contacted your representatives and we’ll send you a special gift for your efforts.