Defiantly Distinct: Bent Brewstillery Announces Its First Whiskey

Bent Brewstillery WhiskeyWhen Bent first opened in August 2014, they were still waiting for their distiller’s license. When it finally arrived in October, head distiller Bartley Blume immediately took to the still.

Meet Double IPA-Skey, our first whiskey

They say whiskey is what beer wants to be when it grows up. Blume took this literally, using several cases of Maroon & Bold Double IPA on a test distillation. Excited with the early results, he put the spirit in oak barrels to mature. After almost three years, it’s ready for the public.

The result is a hopped whiskey that defies expectations. “The hops balance with earthy whiskey flavors instead of overpowering them,” Blume says. The result is a mellow, leathery, and slightly sweet whiskey, with a distinct bite at the end. A hop cone rests at the bottom of each bottle, in a similar fashion to tequila.

3rd Taproom Anniversary and Whiskey Release Party

Our 3rd Taproom Anniversary and whiskey release party is taking place on August 19, 2017, from 12:00 pm – 12:00 am in our taproom, 1744 Terrace Dr. Roseville, MN 55113. You will be able to get yourself a bottle of Double IPA-Skey. We will also be featuring a cocktail menu that accents Double IPA-Skey’s unique character. In addition to serving the new whiskey, Bent will tap a new beer each hour.

Bent Brewstillery is Minnesota’s first combined brewery-distillery. Since 2014, it has been named Minnesota Distillery of the Year and won multiple awards for its Navy-strength gin and Irish-style Poitín. While the hopped whiskey is in limited supply, Bent is currently aging a year-round single malt distillation and several small batch whiskeys for later release.


Bent Brewstillery Anniversary Party

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