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One of our favorite things at Bent Brewstillery is hearing from our friends. Whether it’s a festival, a bar, or social media, we love interacting with you. Several questions keep coming up, so we thought we’d take this time to give you the official Bent stance on some things.

When can I buy some of that delicious Bent beer?
The big one. Believe us, we want it out there as much as you. We are currently in discussions with a wholesaler and plan to have beer on shelves and on taps in early to mid-November. Good news is that beer is brewed and ready to go! Sound like a perfect holiday gift? We thought so, too.

And Bent Spirits?
The more Brutal Barley Beverages are going to take a bit longer. We’re targeting end of this year or early 2014 to have Whiskey and Gin on shelves. It will be worth the wait.

What other beers and spirits are you drinking?
Lots. You may see us on social media promoting other local craft breweries and distilleries. That’s not an act. We truly believe that more good people making more great beverages is better for everyone. This is an exciting time to be part of the Minnesota craft scene, and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of it.

Are you going to make an IPA?
IPAs are one of the most loved beer styles and also one that we enjoy quite a bit. We have a great recipe developed, but we’re not ready to enter it into the rotation yet. Stay tuned. We’ve also got tons of other recipes and new beer ideas to tickle your taste buds. Plus, we’ll eventually be barrel aging some beers in our own used liquor barrels. Yeah, that’s happening.

Are you going to make vodka?
We don’t have plans to distill a vodka at this time. We’re gonna focus on our “Unpure” Whiskey, a unique Navy Strength Gin, and a beer-inspired bourbon. From there, we’ve got a great idea for a Rye Whiskey and a Brandy. Some other ideas are for a Minnesota-inspired desert spirit made with local flavor.

When are you going to open a tap/tasting room?
This all depends upon location. If we find the right spot, a comfortable tap room is high on the priority list.

Do you offer tours?
Tours are not offered at the moment. We are working diligently to get everything set up for tours. Just like the tap room, this is high on the priority list.

Do you sell growlers?
As soon as we have a taproom, we’ll start selling growlers, too. Do you sell bottles of liquor at the distillery? The laws for spirits are very different than the laws for breweries. We can only offer samples at the distillery, but no bottle sales until we have a more successful legislative session to change the laws. Believe me, we are working very hard to change these laws to offer more flexibility to our fans. And contact us if you want to know how you can help with the legislative efforts.

Will you sponsor my event?
All requests are given due consideration.

We love hearing from you, Bent Nation. So please keep ’em coming. And remember: Drink local.

Drink well.

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