Announcing the Bent Barrel-Aged Series

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When we started Bent Brewstillery, we knew a barrel-aging program would be a key (and tasty!) component of our offerings. It only makes sense for a brewery that distills (or a distillery that brews) to further that collaboration by barrel-aging some beer.

In recent years, barrel-aged beers have enjoyed immense popularity. Check out this article for more information on the popularity of barrel-aging. Well consider the Bent barrel-aging program started. That’s right—620 gallons of Dark Fatha are now resting peacefully in rye-whiskey, single-malt whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and rum barrels. Our barrels come from various high-end distilleries. They are emptied at the distillery, sent to us, and we fill them with delicious beer. Each spirit leaves a unique imprint in the wood and imparts a different flavor to the beer. With the barrels loaded with all that beer, now comes the hard part: waiting. How long? Well that depends on depends on the freshness of the barrel (how recently it was dumped of it’s spirit) and type of spirit.

During the rest period, Bartley and Kristen will sample the beers (tough job, right?) to determine if they’ve reached the right flavor. We expect a minimum of three months—but we’ll let flavor be the ultimate judge. After the beer has reached the peak of its flavor, some will be blended with beer from other barrels and some will be released as a single flavor. Either way, you can expect subtle tastes of the spirit and higher alcohol content. Win. Win. So be on the lookout for our barrel-aged beers on shelves soon. And remember: Drink local. Drink well.

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