BENT BREWSTILLERY and State Legislation

The State of Minnesota does not allow Bent Brewstillery to have a Cocktail Room. We are the only Micro-Distillery in the state that cannot have a Cocktail Room License. About 5 years ago, when the Cocktail Room law was written into the State Statutes, there was included a provision that says no entity or location will simultaneously hold a Brewer’s Taproom License and a Micro-Distiller’s Cocktail Room License.

MN Statute 340A.22 Subd. 2 (e), “No single entity may hold both a cocktail room and taproom license, and a cocktail room and taproom may not be co-located.”

We’re trying to fix this!

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We encourage supporters to contact their state representatives to help us reverse this discriminating provision. Our House/Senate Bill Numbers for 2019 are HF347/SF158. Let your representatives know that you support these 2 bills.



Click to that representative’s page to find contact info. Phone calls are great; letters are great; emails are great and the easiest. Write from the heart, in your own words or use the script provided.

Email for any questions.

Email us (at the addy above) with a screen shot of your sent email or any proof that you contacted your representatives and we’ll send you a special gift for your efforts.


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