Dark Fatha Returns!

Like many beers, our Dark Fatha has a story to tell.

Long before this beer was contract-brewed in 2013 (our first with Pour Decisions, who the brewery merged with), in a galaxy not so far away, Bent Brewstillery Owner and Head Brewstiller Bartley Blume found himself brewing a dark beer in 2008. This would eventually rise up to become Dark Fatha.

Dark Fatha

He wasn’t a fan of dark beers then. However, he decided to heed the call of the force and brew a beer for his friends who really enjoyed something a bit darker.

“I tasted it after it was done and I was about to bottle condition it, so it was still flat and didn’t have carbonation in it,” Blume remembers. “I tasted it and I was like, “Ugh, this is horrible.

They’re going to love this!

“It became one of the favorites.”

The beer was unleashed months after its inception at a barbecue, and Blume tried it again. He had an epiphany: he had a taste for the dark side.

Fast forward to 2015, and you’ll find a different version of Dark Fatha–one matured in Bourbon barrels.

This year’s iteration promises the same dark cocoa, roasted smoothness of a hearty stout, but one that tastes like bourbon-soaked chocolate cake. This is one indomitable stout.

Oh, and since you’re wondering, we’ll tell you about mac daddy Vader.

Originally called Dark Side, because of Blume’s love of Star Wars, the bottle was labelled “Barth Vader’s Dark Side Stout,” and wasn’t like anything Blume had tasted before.

But then trouble struck when he was about to print off labels for its release–another beer was released called Dark Side Vanilla Porter.

It’s a common problem in the brewing world to run into similar names, but Blume had been checking for months to make sure he could use it.

So he tackled the problem the only way he could: drinking beer and watching the Star Wars saga.

Then that one kind of important scene in Cloud City happened; Luke Skywalker loses a hand and finds out who his father is.

“That’s it–Dark Fatha!” Blume recalls.

Since then the beer has been brewed three distinct ways:

  • 2013–American Emperial–no, that’s not a typo–Stout.
  • 2014–American Emperial Stout aged in scotch, rye, and bourbon whisky barrels.
  • 2015–American Emperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

The types of barrels Bent Brewstillery uses will vary each year.

In the future, Blume hopes to age the beer in Bent’s own whisky or spiced rum barrels.

“Every year we come up with a different idea for aging,” Blume says. “It’s the fun of experimentation and finding different flavor profiles. If we do end up with a flavor profile that’s absolutely perfect and we know we can’t get any better, we might stick with that. But until then, there’s quite a few options to play with.”

So join the dark side with us and Dark Fatha. We won’t tell anyone about your revelry on the darker side of life.

The Dark Fatha returns on Oct. 31. You can find out more about the release party here.

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