Maroon & Bold switches to cans, showcases local ingredients

We’ve made some changes to Maroon & Bold this year, but let’s start with the obvious: this Minnesotan IPA is now packaged in glorious 16-ounce cans.

This means you can transport our beer easier to your favorite ice-fishing shanty or winter getaway. The new packaging also adds stability, keeping the beer nice and fresh.

Eagle-eyed beer drinkers will also notice that this year’s beer has less alcohol content than our previous batch.

There’s a good reason for that.

“This beer will be slightly different every year due to the variability of hops and sources of hops,” Bent Brewstillery Owner and Head Brewstiller Bartley Blume said. “Overall the flavor profile will be very similar and the same in many ways.”

We only use Minnesota ingredients in this beer, highlighting the great work the industry as a whole is doing.

“The beer was created with 100 percent Minnesota ingredients to showcase the skills of Minnesota growers,” Blume said.

Now a bit of history.

“Originally we used leftover hops from the University of Minnesota’s research program,” Blume explains. “That limited our batch size dramatically, but it’s also the inspiration for the name and the college-like font used on the label.

“Maroon & Gold was already taken, of course,” he continued. “But since the beer is very bold, ‘Maroon & Bold’ fit very well.”

Now Bent Brewstillery is using hops from local growers, allowing for larger batches of beer to be brewed. Particular friends include Mighty Axe and MN Hop Growers Association.

Blume and company wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Making something 100 percent Minnesota benefits the Minnesota growers and helps them establish their own businesses,” Blume exclaims. “If local beer can’t be local, what’s the point?”

So kick back and enjoy this perfectly Minnesotan brew that projects hints of citrus, hay, and the sweetness of toasted marshmallows. This Double IPA is also dank, spicy, smooth, and malty — but with a hoppy brightness that will cut through even the darkest of Minnesota winters. There’s nothing better than a great DIPA to help get you through those snow-filled days.

M&B photo 2

Maroon & Bold

Double Infuriatingly Passive-Aggressive Ale

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 100+
COLOR: Unabashedly maroon
AVAILABILITY: On tap and in cans at the taproom and around town


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