New: Brewer’s ExperimentALES #6 – Melomel With raspberry and ginger Now Available

Summer is upon us, and Bent Brewstillery has the perfect gluten-free beer for enjoying the warm weather: Raspberry-Ginger Orange Blossom Melomel.

The sixth beer in our ExperimentALES Series, this melomel is made with a variety of delicious fruit and spices (side note: mead with fruit added is called a melomel!). That means when you raise a glass your nose is hit with aromas of orange blossoms, spicy ginger, and just a touch of fresh red raspberries.

Racy and flamboyant, this beer delights taste buds with mango, lilac, roses, and honeysuckle–a perfectly refreshing summer drink, or a perfect companion for your standard midsommar pillaging.

And if you needed another reason to come try it out, Bartley Blume, Bent Brewstillery’s Owner and Head Brewstiller, says that “at 13%, it’s a ginger-kick-in-the-teeth with a velvet boot.”

Read below for all of the beer’s details:

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#6 Raspberry-Ginger Orange Blossom Melomel

Mead with fruit and spices

ABV: 13.0%
IBU: 0
COLOR: Straw
AVAILABILITY: Taproom only

Aromas of orange blossoms, spicy ginger and touch of fresh red raspberry. Racy and flamboyent with flavors of mango, lilac, roses, and honeysuckle. The perfect companion for your standard midsommar pillaging.

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