New: Funked Up #8 — Farmhouse Bavaria

Picture it: The dizzying Alps, lush Alpine foothills, and numerous azure lakes.

Farmhouse Bavaria, made In Cahoots with August Schell brewer Jace Marti, evokes these picturesque thoughts for those who drink a pint of the traditional table farmhouse ale. The collaboration is dry- hopped with German Mandarina Bavaria hops, and soured with lactobacillus from the DDR, to create distinct flavors and aromas: meadow flowers, bread dough, and citrus zest, grass, pomme fruit, bitter orange, and fresh marmalade.

It’ll finish crisply, quite tartly, and with loads of lasting spice.

After just one sip of Farmhouse Bavaria, you’ll find yourself in a southern Germany daydream.

Then, wait patiently for bottles the Brettanomyces version coming soon after and the bourbon barrel-fermented version with 3 strains of Brett…It’s amazing what happens when Kristen and Jace get together!


Read below for all of the beer’s details:

20150812_215148 Farmhouse Bavarian

Funked Up #8 Farmhouse Bavaria

Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 25
COLOR: Pale Straw
AVAILABILITY: In draft and bottles at your favorite purveyor and our taproom.


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