Bent Brewstillery’s New Poitín Spirit Makes the News

Bent Anchor, our newest spirit, is unique for a couple of reasons.

For starters, Minnesota’s very first Irish-style poitín is made with a ton of cast-off potato skins rescued from The Anchor Fish & Chips’ compost pile. In fact, this may be the first-ever team-up between a Minnesota distillery and restaurant.

We created an Irish spirit that the government doesn’t even have an official classification for, one that rolls over the tongue with an earthy and slightly smoky flavor, and a full-bodied finish with just a hint of rounded sweetness.

It’s just another piece of proof that Bent Brewstillery isn’t afraid to concoct unique spirts and beer. Owner and Head Brewstiller Bartley Blume sums up what the brewstillery is all about with a quote in a recent Growler magazine feature: “We’re always going to be making new and different things.”

This is just one of many new, delicious drinks coming out of Bent Brewstillery. But don’t just read our blog about it; check out the fantastic Growler article to find out more about the new spirit and how we teamed up with The Anchor Fish & Chips to do something different—to do something completely bent.


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Bent Anchor

Irish-Style Poitín

ABV: 40%
AVAILABILITY: Coming August 22 in 375 and 750 ml. bottles!
MADE FROM: Potato cast-offs from The Anchor Fish & Chips

What do you get when you cross the baddest, bentest brewstillery in the state with a Northeast Minneapolis legend?

Bent Brewstillery and The Anchor Fish & Chips restaurant are hooking up to produce Minnesota’s very first Irish-style Poitín. Pronounced potcheen, this traditional distillation is reminiscent of Irish-style Moonshine—but by any name, it is delicious.

Rather than simply composting their mega volume of chip production cast-off peels, The Anchor owners decided (over a couple of pints) to create something a little more fun than dirt. Combining Bent Brewstillery’s artisanal distilling creativity with The Anchor’s top-quality peels results in a deliciously smooth white spirit that will have your palette dancing a jig.

Earthy and slightly smoky, this Irish-style Poitín has a full-bodied finish and just a hint of rounded sweetness. Enjoy neat or over ice and transport yourself back to the lively days of illegally crafted Irish-style Moonshine.

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