Taproom opening this Thursday!


Roseville, MN–Earlier this year, Bent Brewstillery announced our merger with Pour Decisions. With that proclamation came the news that our taproom would be closed for renovations while we built the distillery.

Now, after these long, dry months, we are finally ready to reopen the new taproom and begin distilling our spirits. We hope you’ll join us for our grand opening on August 21 at 2:00 p.m.!

We’ve been very lucky to have supportive friends and family who’ve helped us with the construction:

  • Our son-in-law with Birch Creek Manufacturing, who built the bar, cabinetry, and tables
  • Our friends and investors, D&J Cranston and Scott Milano, who helped with framing, finishing, hardware, and miscellaneous
  • Our neighbors, Premier Carpet, for the flooring
  • Mark Deebach for the awesome tile work
  • Wong Electric, Hoagland Plumbing, A-Plus Concrete, Crosstown Mechanical, Metro Sheet Metal, and many others
  • If it wasn’t for the hard work of every person and company who’s helped us along the way, we’d still be hammering nails. They all have our sincere gratitude.

    Bent Brewstillery is proud to be the first microbrewery–microdistillery in Minnesota. Our ultimate goal is to make tasty brews and powerful booze with clever names and flavors while rebelling against rigid style guidelines, having fun, and providing an entertaining experience for everyone involved.

    Our mission remains what it’s always been: Tobring great adult beverages to the public. To share a more diverse offering with those tired of the same old thing. To help fuel the craft movement so that adult beverages can truly be appreciated as a flavorful drink. And the fun will truly start when the taproom opens on August 21.

    You may be thinking: “Yeah, yeah, another taproom. What makes you any different?”

    First all, we’re a brewstillery. Where else can you go to see both a brewery and a distillery? Our beer selection is truly unique. Right now, we offer several sour beers, including one that tastes like champagne and another that tastes like wine.

    Then there’s our growler options, including plastic and stainless steel. There’s the interesting layout of our taproom, which focuses on comfort more than just beer sales. And when you come and see for yourself, we look forward to showing you everything else we’ve worked so hard to offer.

    See you on 8/21!

    Bartley Blume
    Bent Brewstillery

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