Spiced Rum Cream Liqueur

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Winter Stormbringer

Spiced Rum Cream Liqueur

ABV: 20%
AVAILABILITY: 375ml bottles available at retail, and at the Brewstillery

Like StormBringer, Winter StormBringer is heavily-spiced. Orange, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and many more make it the perfect companion to roasting chestnuts on an open fire-with enough heat that you won’t need the fire.

Sweet. Hot.

Winter Stormbringer Cocktail Recipes

Bent Root Beer Float

1 1/2 oz. Winter StormBringer Cream Liqueur
4 oz. Root Beer

Glass: Highball

Instructions: Creamy and spicy in all the right ways! Fill Lowball glass with ice. Add your favourite Root Beer, then carefully float Winter StormBringer Cream Liqueur. No spoons needed for this float!

Monkey’s Tail

1 ½ oz Winter StormBringer Cream Liqueur
1 ½ oz Coffee StormBringer Cream Liqueur
¾ oz Bent Anchor Poitín
Glass: Double Old Fashioned
Garnish: Cinnamon Stick

Instructions: No monkeying around with this one; fill glass with ice. Add all ingredients. Stir with cinnamon stick and sip.