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History & About Us

Click on the picture of Bartley and Brenda below, to take a step back in time and learn how Bent Brewstillery got to where it is today.


Sparked from a true passion for the art of brewing, Bent Brewstillery is proud to serve locally produced, award-winning beers. Check out our site to learn more about our story, brewery tours and more.

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ABOUT US: Welcome

To bring great adult beverages to the public. To bring a more diverse offering to those tired of the same old thing. To help fuel the craft movement so that adult beverages can truly be appreciated as a flavorful drink, not just a mind-numbing anesthetic. To stop guzzling and start enjoying and understanding the true qualities of beverages. To give back to the community, producing minimal waste and contributing to the greenness of our surroundings.
All of our beverages adhere to the highest standards of craft, quality, and integrity. The company maintains an environment of mutual respect through honesty and integrity in our relationships with workers, customers, partners, suppliers, and the public. The company encourages employee development and provides an exciting, fun, and rewarding place to work. The idea is to make tasty brews and powerful booze with bold names and flavors while rebelling against rigid style guidelines, along with having fun and making the experience entertaining for everyone involved.
Our beer is unclassifiable, and so are we.


The brewery is 7500 square feet of warehouse space at 1744 Terrace Drive in Roseville, Minnesota, conveniently located near Grumpy’s Roseville at Snelling Ave. and County Road C. The brewhouse uses a 2-vessel, 20-barrel system that fills four 40-barrel conical fermenters, as well as a 5-barrel pilot system that fills a 5-barrel conical fermenter used primarily for sour beers.


The brewery’s brewhouse and fermenters will be used to produce washes for the distillery. The distillery consists of a 500-gallon MegaStill used for production and a 26-gallon spirit still used for experiments and recipe development.


There are lots of competitors in this industry, but we know our customers are primarily attracted to a beer’s flavor and quality. Secondarily, customers are attracted to a brand due to locality and brand image. Our image is young, hip, and sexy, yet mature and respectful: traditional German ideology balanced with modern, contemporary American.

We take everyday style guidelines and “bend” them into a new flavor or style completely, a market differentiator that will set this brewery apart from the competition. All of our beers will be unique, and that uniqueness will attract those with the adventurous spirit the brewery is targeting. But we don’t stop there.
Brewing is cool; distilling is sexy.


Bent Brewstillery brings to spirits what craft brought to beer: the highest-quality ingredients and the utmost care in preparation. Quality over quantity is the craft brewer’s credo. We extend that to spirits. That’s right: we’re Minnesota’s first-ever Brewstillery. Beer has always been our first love, but as we all know, whiskey is what beer wants to be when it grows up. Well, it’s all grown up, and it’s a canvas with as much potential as the first beer ever made. And Bent Brewstillery is painting all over that canvas.

Typical distilleries use substandard grains and corn because their process is to age the bad flavors out. We only use the highest-quality brewer’s grains and use craft brewer’s techniques to make a clear wash that is free of solids. From there, we go into uncharted territory. To add the craft to craft spirits, we’ll be making our hearts cut very tight to eliminate the unwanted flavors from the distillate.

Minnesota is the best place for a distillery. With its reputation for distilling since before (and during!) the Prohibition, Stearns County has a very rich history. Minnesota grows the right grains—we’ve been known as the Land of Sky Blue Waters—and boasts two major barrel manufacturers. End of story.

We’re starving artists, just like craft wineries and breweries. We don’t do it for the money; we do it for the craft. We want the same fighting chance the Taproom Bill gave to breweries. The sky hasn’t fallen, and the new opportunities have created more Minnesota jobs. Serving cocktails at our distillery gives us the ability to grow faster and generate awareness of our products to visitors of our distillery that will look for them in their own neighborhood.

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