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Anthony Patterson

AKA: The Beer Wanderer

Connecting Local to Locals is a passion. The beer community, local restaurants and venues are great ways to meet people, and learn about local history. Through craft beers, cocktails, food and even handmade merchandise one can discover how local businesses are intertwined. Working sales for Bent Brewstillery as The Beer Wanderer I have been able to meet a lot of great people and take part in their adventures. Through these various adventures I have seen how locally owned businesses can work together to support a community. I have seen several of these separate yet same ideology communities existing next each other. I would like to see more people, especially those that already wander, supporting that idea of locals supporting locals across these boundaries. Too many people don't even know what hidden gem lays just out their bubble. A long with the knowledge of owning my own restaurant, and even now selling beer to local places, I hope I can bring more awareness to local establishments. Perhaps some off the beaten path. Recently, my buddy, Ted and I have also started a radio show, The Road Trippers Show, that will help bridge the gap between local beer and music. The goal is to enjoy life and always wander because the adventure never stops, you do. Cheers!

Anthony Patterson: TeamMember
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