One- Twenty is a one- two stunner

Bent Brewstillery WhiskeyONE-TWENTY Barrel-Strength Single Malt Whiskey; 120.6 Proof

Bent Brewstillery is transporting spirt fans to another time – the Old West.

You see, our new One-Twenty whiskey is barrel-strength because it’s bottled at the same proof as it comes out of the barrel.

Typically, modern whiskey is distilled at a high proof (usually 130- 160 proof) before it’s watered down to barrel-strength (100-125 proof) for aging in barrels. Modern whiskey is then watered down again to bottling-strength, usually 80-90 proof.

So why does this harken back to the days of the Old West? Simple. Whiskey was always barrel-strength. The slightest hint that it was watered down would get the proprietor’s head smashed with the offending bottle… the Old West equivalent of a bad Google review.

Simply put, this whiskey doesn’t pull any punches.

“One-Twenty is whiskey turned up to 11!” said Owner and Head Brewstiller Bartley Blume. “We’re proud to be pushing the boundaries of the beverage envelope, and this is another great example.”

But don’t let One-Twenty intimidate you; the spirit is packed just as full of flavor as alcohol.

First, you’re going to want to serve it with a bit of ice and/or a dash of water to “open up” the aromas and full flavor. Then let it “breath” for a few minutes to allow some of the more volatile alcohols to evaporate instead of burning your olfactory senses (you do not want your nose to miss out).

What you will get is a viscous, robust, and spicy treat. You’ll notice how the liquid sticks to the sides of your glass before slowly sliding down. This is an indication of the thick mouth feel to come. It blooms warmly from the glass with aromas of honeyed pears, cream caramel, and sherry. The flavor strikes hotly – but not too aggressively – with hints of oak, toasted marshmallows, and golden syrup.

A perfect Old West and Minnesota treat.

One-Twenty releases December 2, 2017 in the Bent Brewstillery Taproom,1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN 55113, but if you want a 1st release bottle, arrive early. Less than 400 bottles will be sold with the remaining 400 spread throughout the state of Minnesota the following week. Release party details here.

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