Gïga Lüpin


Hops, hops and more hops. Notes of sweet malt, lychee, ripe mango and papaya, with citrus and dankness to keep you honest, and enough smooth alcohol to perform most back alley surgeries.



A turn of the 20th century Scottish IPA brought back to life and made to be drunk in quantity! Spicy resins, apricots, tangerine zest and a bit of honey graham cracker. Low in alcohol, with loads of hop flavors, finishing dry with mouth-filling, ripping pithy tannins. Something hoppingly different for you IPA fans out there!

Berry McBerry Face


"Berry" is a crimson colored, pale Monastic-style ale that balances the complexity of Pils malt, the brightness and richness of berries while finishing süper jammy, malty and exceedingly crisp and refreshing. #GetBerryFaced



Pronounced Tropi-kush, this double dry-hopped hazy IPA has notes of ripe squishy fruit, bright citrus and dank hops. Exceedingly hop forward with a dirty sunbeam hop-sheen luster. A jar-O-freshness. A gobful of the Tropics. Fistful of hops. Straight up liquid sunshine.

Maroon & Bold


100% MN hops and malt lend hints of citrus, hay and sweet toasted marshmallows. Dank, spicy, smooth & malty yet packs enough hoppy brightness to get you through even the darkest Minnesota winter.

Dark Fatha


Dark Fatha is aged in bourbon barrels for a very distinctive hybrid flavor. Big and booming, yet, with a delicately light soul, Dark Fatha is a deep, rich, and velvety strong stout – like drinking a whiskey soaked in chocolate cake.